With a Greek mother, English father, my books resonate with a certain split attitude to life!  The Long Shadow was my first published book and explores the theme of dual nationality and a search for one’s identity, the setting partly in WW1 Salonica and also in England.  See the split?.  Since then two more books, The Crimson Bed and Middle Watch, have been published with quite different settings to Greece.  However I have now come full circle with Dying Phoenix, a sequel to The Long Shadow which takes place mainly in Greece. in 1967 when the military Junta held the country in its iron grip.

Dying Phoenix - copyright owned by Loretta Proctor

Dying Phoenix

Writing is in my blood.  My great great grandfather travelled Turkey with a trunk full of books when he went on business.  He was never without some edifying or philosophic tome to read.   I am much the same though I also enjoy crime stories and romances too!

The Long Shadow which covers the period of WWI  in Greece and the Salonika Campaign is to be translated and published in Greek later this year by Okeanida, Athens.  My mother would have been very proud.

Long Shadow small

The Long Shadow


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