Greek Launch Coming Closer! have told me that my book The Long Shadow is ready to go out in Greek on December 4th.   It’s new title will be

O Iskios tou Polemou (The Shadow of War)


I’m looking forward to the launch which is to take place at Ianos Bookstore in Thessaloniki.  It’s a marvellous place with wooden shelves that slide to reveal more books!  A book readers heaven.  Works in English and Greek and other languages are available there.

The Long Shadow is a story set mainly in Thessaloniki during World War One when the Salonika Campaign were sent to stem the tide of Bulgarian and German forces from entering Greece. But it’s not just a war story, it’s also a story of love triumphing over the miseries and horrors of that time.

Archive_Officer_12th_Lancers ww1-nurse

I love these pictures…maybe this is how Costas and Dorothy might have looked?

viewer (20)Beautiful Old Salonika. This is the scene Dorothy would have seen when she sailed there in 1916 to help as a Red Cross nurse.

I’ll keep you posted when I get the cover for the new book


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