What is Wrong with Angela Merkel?

Another of Richard Devereux’s great poems!!  Richard recently won a first prize at the Dead Poets Slam held at the Bristol Poetry Festival with his take on the great Greek poet Yiannis Ritsos.  He explored some of Ritsos famous poems as well as reading out some of his own.  I love them all but wanted to share this one with you all!


What is wrong with Angela Merkel?

the reason she’s so mean to Greece is…

she was raised in old East Germany,
and so she never came to spend
the summers of her student days
on the beaches of the Cyclades.

She could have tagged along, like me,
with that party from West Germany,
occupying Paradise Beach
in the name of love and sex and peace.

The stars all out, the wine all drunk,
she could have lain with me all night
in my sleeping bag beneath the moon,
the soft sand yielding under us …

at first soft hint of light, we wake –
break the almost silent sea. Naked.
Such a night, such a sea might easily
have changed the recent history–

had Angela Merkel ever slept
on the beaches of the Cyclades,
swum naked in the sea at dawn,
she could not have been so mean to Greece.


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