Anyone heard of this Greek Stew?

An English friend recently told me that while he lived and worked in Greece, some friends played a joke on him.  They told him that there was this wonderful sheep stew called Patsas, best thing on earth and he simply had to try it.  Excited at the thought of this new gastronomical delight, he went with them to a village taverna and ordered the dish.  After some time, the dish arrived and didn’t look too appetising but he picked up the spoon and a crowd came around him to watch.  He began to feel a tad nervous but set to and….it was ghastly!!! Apparently this dish is made from sheep’s entrails and only the tough can manage it.

Poor Richard struggled but had to give up.  However, the cafe onlookers were highly amused and entertained and a more delicious plate of lamb stew was then presented to him.

Has anyone else heard of this sheeps’ entrails stew?  I think I have the name right.

Here’s my recipe for a lamb stew:

Use lamb shoulder boned cut into small pieces.  Cook sliced sweet white onion and 4 garlic cloves  in olive oil very gently, remove to a casserole. Use the flavoured oil (add more if needed) and add the lamb chunks and brown them, add chopped rosemary and, if you like, about a glassful of wine and let this reduce a little.  Then add to casserole.  Now add a tin of chopped tomatoes, and a couple of dessertspoonfuls of sun dried tomato puree.  Salt and pepper as required.  Put in oven (about 150c) to cook very slowly for Ihr and 30 mins when the meat should be very tender and just delicious.  I serve with basmati rice but it can also be served with a green salad, feta broken on top.

I promise you won’t make faces when you eat this stew!



2 thoughts on “Anyone heard of this Greek Stew?

  1. It sounds like it was Magiritsa a Greek Easter stew. It may be that “Patsas” has a connection with Easter Pascha.

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